#100jobs Update

Well with kicking off our #100jobs campaign and going almost straight into our Customer Service Assessment we have had a busy couple of weeks and are finding it hard to believe that it is now 6 weeks since the launch of #100jobs 

We just wanted to give everyone a little update as to how the jobs pledge is going.  We had two jobs pledged in June, 1 in July and 3 so far in August.  We have successfully closed 2 of the pledges one in June and one in July.  We have shown the detail in the chart below.

We have included the one listed as a CSEI Audit,  as we had a call from an employer and there was great excitement that this was a job pledge but it turned out to be an assessment call!  We don't mind as we ended up getting a whopping 95.4% in our customer service assessment (but more about that next week!)

So far this year including the below detail we have supported 62 people into jobs and we have had 70 jobs pledged. Thanks to everybody who has supported us this year so far and we really feel #100jobs is possible by 31 December 2016