As workers we understand the  positive impact work makes on everyone's life.   It gives us a sense of purpose and achievement, a sense of identity, and financial security.   Work helps us meet and mix with people outside of our social circle who can be very different to us, but whom we learn to work with and develop common ground.  Sometimes we meet people at work that  we build lasting friendships with.    Work gives us a stronger sense of being part of the communities we live in.

Because we know the big contribution people with disabilities can make to the local economy, we are continually looking for  more Galway employers to include employees with disabilities in their workplaces. In  doing so, they will develop stronger organisations that are better able to compete within their sector, while helping  people with disabilities bridge the gap and cross the divide from unemployment, to employment.

“My life has been transformed since getting into the workforce. I could not have achieved this without the help of EmployAbility. Their advice, support, encouragement and ability to identify suitable opportunities was invaluable.
— EmployAbility Client
The person we employed is hard working, friendly, and goes about all his tasks with meticulous detail. We got extra support from EmployAbility during the induction and training phase, and while the help is still available if we need it, there is no need for it now. We would highly recommend EmployAbility to other employers
— Kinlay Hostel Galway