Employer testimonials

On all occasions, we found Employ Ability Galway very  approachable, supportive and professional. They have provided employees who have fitted in well with the rest of the team, and if any problems do arise they have been dealt with appropriately, quickly and always professionally.

The company had not considered employing someone with a disability until approached by EmployAbility. The support given to the company and the employee  has made this a lasting relationship. It has been a positive experience for JFC and we would recommend other companies to explore this opportunity.

We approached EmployAbility as we had a need for an employee and made the decision to employ a person with a disability.  The person we employed is hard working, friendly, and goes about all his tasks with meticulous detail, which is what we look for in all our employees.  We got extra support from EmployAbility during the induction and training phase, and while the help is still available if we need it, there is no need for it now. 

When we were approached by EmployAbility  Galway, I was apprehensive at first but they took great care explaining things to me, giving me useful examples, and provided follow up information for me that I could practically apply, before making a decision on hiring. They were very thoughtful and insightful about the challenges ahead and gave excellent advice. I also really appreciated the fact that they were willing to spend extra time with me, and never made the experience feel like being pressurised into making a hasty decision. They continue to be available to answer questions or provide additional information.

Go h-iondúil le earrcaíocht caithfidh an fostóir cinneadh a dhéanamh faoi an duine atá siad gabháil a fhostú gan móran eolas, ach le EmployAbility bhí comharaí againn roimh ré faoin post, agus an duine.  Bhí eolas againn faoin obair a rinne an duine roimh seo, a gcuid oideachas, agus a gcuid scíleanna.  Bhí tacaíócht againn i rith an procéis agus le traenáil, agus is feidir liom a rá go núsaideach muid EmployAbilty Galway aríst mar tá triúr eile fostaí againn.  Mholainn EmployAbility go mór mar is coincheap éifeachtach, proifisiúnach, éifeachtúil i dtéarmaí earrcaíocht é EmployAbility Galway

For the supported employees themselves they have been welcomed into this group with open arms. They have developed long lasting friendships that exist outside the workplace.  They have been able to reach their potential and know what it is to lead a successful career at Medtronic. They have a sense of belonging & involvement in their role in delivering Medtronic’s Mission.


EmployAbility Galway has been a real support to us for the last 3 years. EmployAbility has given fantastic support for both the employer and the emplyoyee with a "real" understanding of the needs for everyone involved. EmployAbility was very quick in addressing and understanding whenever a problem was encountered and helped to resolve this in a very effective and satisfactory way. I can wholeheartedly recommend EmployAbility Galway to companies interested in this very unique opportunity.