Grants and Subsidies

A number of grants are provided to employers by Department of Social Protection which assist in the provision of reasonable accommodation in the workplace and to enable your new employee to fulfil the duties and responsibilities of their role.  We are happy to link with the Department and help you access these grants which are compatible with the service we provide

wage subsidy scheme

The Wage Subsidy Scheme provides financial incentives to employers, outside the public sector, to employ disabled people who work more than 20 hours per week.  A person on the Wage Subsidy Scheme is subject to the same conditions of employment as other employees. These conditions include PRSI contributions, annual leave, tax deductions and the going rate for the job. The rate of subsidy is €5.30 per hour and is based on the number of hours worked, giving a total annual subsidy available of €10,748 per annum based on 39 hour week.  

Disability Awareness support scheme

The Disability Awareness  Support Scheme provides funding so that employers can buy in Disability Awareness Training for their staff. The purpose of the training is to deliver clear and accurate information about disability and to address questions or concerns that employers and employees may have about working with people with disabilities.


Under the Reasonable Accommodation Fund, the Department of Social Protection can help you – as an employer – to take appropriate measures to enable a person with a disability  to have access to employment by providing the following grants and schemes 

Workplace Equipment/Adaptation Grant

Personal Reader Grant

Job Interview Interpreter Grant 

Employee Retention Grant.