New Coordinator Apppointment

EmployAbility Galway Team

EmployAbility Galway are delighted to announce the appointment of Coordinator Peter McWilliams (pictured centre front row) effective from Monday 27 May 2019. Peter has a varied career in organisational development, and people management combined with a number of years working in training and education for people with disabilities. He has worked as a private consultant in manufacturing engineering, and production management which has involved him working with teams of people at all levels within organisations. He holds an M.Ed Degree in Adult Education, Training and Development from the University of Sheffield as well as various other Professional and Graduate Qualifications.

Peter has always been interested in working with people both as individuals and teams, and understands the positive impact diversity can make to your workplace.

You can contact Peter at 086 3800444 | effective from Monday 27 May 2019.

Exciting new assistive technology project looking for your help

EmployAbility Galway are partnering with ICAN at NUIG, Ability West and Avail Support as part of the EIDEAS project, where we aim to test the viability of Avail Software as a support mechanism for integrating people with disabilities into the workplace

The goal of Avail software is to “revolutionize the way we support people with disabilities, and promote independence for people with Autism, Down Syndrome and other special needs”.

EmployAbility Galway are asking employers in Galway City to contact us if you have an interest in providing an 8 week work experience placement for one of our EIDEAS candidates. This work setting will give our clients the opportunity to trial the Avail software in a real work setting.

We are looking for the following for part time placements of approximately 8 hours per week, in a Hair Salon, Barbers, Retail outlet, Hospitality setting.

If you are an employer that would interested in providing an opportunity for one of our candidates please contact Pauline at 086 3800444 or

Christmas Opening Hours

xmas 2.jpg

On behalf of the team at EmployAbility Galway we would to wish everyone and Happy and Peaceful Christmas and best wishes for 2019.

Our offices will close at 5pm on Friday 21 December 2018 and will reopen at 9am on Wednesday 02 January 2019.

Our gratitude goes out to all the clients who chose to seek our assistance throughout the year and include us in their journey towards employment, and to the employers who recongnised the value or clients could bring to their companies and organisations.

Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi mhaise díobh go léir

NUI Galway Research Survey

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Research Survey

Researchers from NUI Galway are looking for employers (e.g., supervisors, managers etc.) and co-workers with and without experience with adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or Asperger’s (ASD/AS) to complete a 15-minute online survey on their knowledge, understanding, and attitudes towards adults with ASD/AS at work. Participation is completely voluntary and answers will be anonymous.

To complete the Employers and Co-workers Online National Survey, please click here

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr Keeley White at

Research Background

Hello! My name is Dr Keeley White and I am a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow at the National University of Ireland Galway. I am conducting a research study to investigate employers’ and co-workers’ knowledge, understanding, and attitudes towards adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or Asperger’s (ASD/AS) at work.

There is a lack of understanding of the needs of employers and co-workers working together with and supporting adults with ASD/AS in the workplace. This ranges from hiring adults with ASD/AS to offering (formal and informal) supports to maintain employment. The information gained from this study will help us to create online toolkits and training for employers and co-workers in Ireland, while also promoting the employability of adults with ASD/AS in Ireland.

One of our most important allies in conducting this research will be community agencies such as yours. I am contacting you to ask if you could circulate the following information, including our flyer to employers and co-workers working with your clients. We are looking for Irish employers (e.g., supervisors, managers etc) and co-workers with and without experience working with adults with ASD/AS to complete a 15-minute online survey.

In the future, we will be pleased to inform all participating agencies about our results (in a summary fashion). Our study has the ethical approval of the NUI Galway Research Ethics Board.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Kind regards,

Keeley White, Ph.D.

Marie Curie and ASSISTID postdoctoral fellow

Irish Centre for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Research

National University of Ireland Galway

BA in Business, Enterprise and Community Development

Ad for all Info Sessions Recruitment 2018 (1).jpg

On Saturday 17th November Equal Ireland are holding an Information and Induction Session for people who are or might be interested in obtaining a BA in Business Enterprise and Community Development accredited by Athlone Institute of Technology. It will start at 9.30 am and finish by 12.30. The Maldron Hotel, Terryland in Galway City is the venue.

They are now recruiting people living in or near Athlone, Ballinasloe, Galway and Tuam. Delivery Workshops for the Degree Programme, of which there are two per month, will be held in some or all of the above depending on the numbers involved in each area.


Further Education and Training


Further Education and Training or FET, offers a wide variety of life-long education options to anyone over 16. FET includes apprenticeships, traineeships, Post Leaving Cert (PLC) courses, community and adult education as well as core literacy and numeracy services. FET courses and programmes are provided through the Education and Training Board network throughout the country as well as through other local providers including online through SOLAS’ eCollege. FET courses are provided at levels one to six on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

FET is for anyone who is over 16 who wants to learn new skills or enhance existing skills to get the right job, progress to third-level or to support the achievement of personal goals.

Further information on FET is available on

Employers are you looking for an ASSET for your business?

We are seeking support from employers in the Galway area to provide a 10-week work placement opportunity in some of the following areas; computer science, heritage, elderly & child care, data entry, theatre/acting, cleaning, and software engineering for these 7 participants.

If your company is looking to develop inclusive recruitment practices and you are  interested in supporting our ASSET participants, please contact Pauline or Susan  at EmployAbility Galway  

091 755 235 | |


Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or Asperger Syndrome (ASD/AS) are an ASSET to your Company! 

EmployAbility Galway were recently contacted by Dr’s. Keeley White and Geraldine Leader from the Irish Centre for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Research (ICAN) at NUI Galway. They were interested in partnering with us regarding their current work on the Assistive Social Skills and Employment Training (ASSET) program, which has been supported by funding from the charity RESPECT and the People Programme (Marie Curie Actions).  Their goal is to support adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder / Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD/AS) (with no intellectual disability) by evaluating the Assistive Social Skills and Employment Training (ASSET) program, 

Through the ASSET program, participants will learn to develop their soft skills, or work-related social skills and social self-confidence by attending weekly trainings and participating on a 10-week work placement. The ASSET program has been successful in the U.S. as Dr. Connie Sung and her research team at Michigan State University reported improvements in social skills, social self-confidence, daily living skills, and self-reported levels of anxiety.

We have agreed to partner with Keeley and Geraldine regarding the ASSET programme on behalf of 7 of our current clients who meet the programme criteria.  We are currently job searching for these clients and are looking for employment opportunities in Galway on their behalf.  We are seeking support from employers in the Galway area to provide a 10-week work placement opportunity in some of the following areas; computer science, heritage, elderly & child care, data entry, theatre/acting, cleaning, and software engineering for these 7 participants.

If your company is looking to develop inclusive recruitment practices and you are  interested in supporting our ASSET participants, please contact Pauline or Susan  at EmployAbility Galway  

091 755 235 | |


We would like to note that EmployAbility Galway cannot support any further participants on this programme, but please contact Dr. White at for more information about the programme.  

Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2017


Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2017

Work is ongoing regarding the Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2017, which could potentially be in place later this year. The Act, when commenced, will impact on all employers in the following ways

Terms of Employment

If the Bill is enacted employers will be obliged, within five days of an employee commencing employment, to provide a written statement to the employee outlining the five key terms of employment which are

  • The full names of the employer and employee;
  • The address of the employer;
  • The expected duration or expiry date of their employment;
  • The method of calculating pay; and
  • The number of hours they are reasonably expected to work per day and per week.

Prohibition of Zero Hours Contract

The Bill proposes to prohibit the use of zero hour contracts (which have become more prevalent in recent years) by prohibiting employers from stating in an employee’s contract that the number of hours for which an employee must make themselves available for work is zero hours.

 Banded hours of work

The Bill also proposes to introduce the concept of “banded hours”. In other words, if the hours which an employee is working do not reflect the hours of work stated in the employee’s contract, the employee can request that the employer play them in a category of “banded hours” as set out in the Bill. If the employer agrees to the employee’s request then the employee shall work hours the average of which will fall within the “banded hours” for a period of not less than 18 months.

If you would like to find out more about the Bill further information is available on Oireachtas website and the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection website

Are you a Galway Employer? Will you help us to change the findings of the ESRI Study?

Poverty Dynamics of Social Risk Groups in the EU

Bertrand Maître, Dorothy Watson, Regina Doherty, TD, Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, and Raffaele Grotti attend a conference held to launch new poverty research on 31 January 2018.


"Poverty dynamics of social risk groups in the EU: an analysis of the EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions, 2005 to 2014 was released yesterday 31 January 2018 by the ESRI.

This research examines the level of material deprivation experienced by vulnerable adults in Ireland and ten other EU countries.

"Specific interventions needed to support lone parents and adults with a disability

A new study found there is a significant gap in the rate of persistent deprivation experienced by vulnerable adults, including lone parents and adults with a disability, and the rate experienced by other adults. Out of 11 EU countries, Ireland’s gap was the largest and increased the most during the study’s time frame of 2004-2015.
 Policy implications
Lone parents and adults with a disability face barriers when trying to access the labour market. Measures to address this could include access to affordable childcare, flexible work arrangements, protection of secondary benefits (e.g. medical cards), and support in seeking employment, training and work experience."


We work with many employers  to recruit people with disabilites, but we need more employers to engage with us and look at the benefits that flexible work arrangements can provide for them as well as for their employees.  

If you would like to take the first step in helping us change the findings of this report and employ a person with a disability you can call Pauline at 086 3800444 or email me at

You can read the ESRI Press Release or the full Publication here