We provide you with an Employment Facilitator who can support you through the following stages involved in finding and maintaining employment.  However we need to be clear we cannot guarantee that you will reach stage 3 even with our support as this is dependent on a number of factors

Stage 2. Job Search

  • Providing support to help you look for work.
  • Working together to find a job
  • Helping you to prepare for interview
  • Going to interviews with you (if required)
  • Helping to agree your terms and conditions of employment

Stage 1.  Profiling and Career Planning

  • Getting to know you.
  • Identifying barriers, obstacles and any support needs.
  • Helping you to identify your skills and abilities
  • Preparing CV's and references etc
  • Matching your skills to suitable jobs
  • Deveoping an Action Plan for Job Sourcing

Stage 4. Working Independently

  • Needing less support over time
  • Working without support
  • Exit from EmployAbilty


Stage 3. Employed with Support

  • Training you on the job,
  • Developing your work skills
  • Mentoring
  • Accessing grants
  • Supporting your employer
  • Helping with your contract and wages