frequently asked questions (FAQ'S)

What is the criteria I must meet to get support from EmployAbility Galway?

To avail of our support you must be a person with a disability, mental health difficulty, or be in recovery from accident or illness and require support to find and maintain employment.  You must live in Galway City or County.  You must have the necessary training completed and be job ready.  All clients must be available to work a minimum of 8 hours per week and be able to transition into employment without support after a reasonable period of time

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What support will I get?

You will get the support of an Employment Facilitator who will support you with career planning, job searching, interview preparation,  on the job support and development within the role to be able to work independently without support.  On the job support and development within the role will only apply if you are successful in finding employment but we cannot guarantee that you will find a job with our support

How do I apply for EmployAbility Galway

If you are living in Galway City or County you must be referred by Department of Social Protection Employment Services in Galway or at one of the Local Employment Service Network offices LESN in Galway

 If you want further information on referral please contact our Coordinator Pauline at 

Email:  |  Mobile:  086 3800 444

If you are living outside of Galway City or County details of all the other EmployAbility Services nationwide are available here 

How long will it take to find a job for me?

This is an 18 month programme.  During your time on the programme we will do our best to find a job for you.  We cannot commit to a specific time frame as every job search is different.  It should also be noted that there is no guarantee of a job.  We spend a portion of time doing a detailed needs assessment and vocational profiling.  We then move on to the job search part of the programme where we actively seek work on your behalf.  This works best when the client plays an active part in the job search. 

Will I still be able to claim my Disability Allowance?

You will be able to earn up to €120.00 with out any impact on your DA.  Anything over this is going to mean a reduction on the Disability Allowance. Further information is available here

Will I still be able to claim my Jobseekers Allowance / Benefit?

If you get part-time or casual work, up to and including 3 days per week, you may still be paid a proportion of your Jobseekers Allowance. 

Will I lose any of my entitlements?

You will still be entitled to hold a medical card, if you had previously had one.  If you earn up to €120 extra on top of your Allowance, then this will impact your rent allowance. 

Will the employer know I have a disability?

If you apply for work on your own, then it is entirely up to you whether you tell your employer about your disability.  If EmployAbility looks for work on your behalf then the employer will be aware of a disability, although it is up to you what and how much about your disability you want to disclose. 

How many hours a week will I have to work?

You must be available to work at least 8 hours per week.  After that it is up to you and the employer how many hours you work.  If you plan on keeping your Disability Allowance/Jobseekers Allowance, then you can only work up to and including 3 days per week and still claim some benefit.

Will I get a job that I like?

As we undertake a detailed needs assessment and vocational profiling it is hoped to place clients in jobs to which they are suited and will be happy in.  But we cannot guarantee this as every client is different and some get on better in employment than others.

How often will I meet my Employment Facilitator?

At the start you will meet regularly, usually once a week, in order to undertake the needs assessment.  This is a necessary part of the programme as it gives the Employment Facilitator a clear indication of what you will be able for in the work place.  After the needs assessment is complete, you will meet less frequently while the active job search is underway. 

How much will I get paid?

This depends on the going rate of the organisation/company, but you will be paid at least minimum wage.    

Will I get training to do the job properly?

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide adequate training on Health and Safety, Policies and Procedures and Work Practices, so that the new employee understands what is expected of them in the work place.  It is possible for the Employment Facilitator to provide on the job training also, and this would be done with the permission of the employer.

Who will I contact if I have a problem in the job?

It is always advisable to approach your employer and discuss any difficulties you may be experiencing.  It is also a good idea to inform your Employment Facilitator as he/she may intervene on your behalf should you not feel comfortable approaching the employer personally, or if you feel your difficulties are not being addressed.