OnePageCRM donation for life

When you ask any of the team here nowadays what is the best thing about working at EmployAbility Galway, they will probably tell you OnePageCRM.  We used to spend loads of time writing and typing memos, creating excel sheets so we could work together on job searches and keep information up to date.  No more!

Michael Fitzgerald from OnePageCRM decided a few months ago to donate us a free OnePageCRM account for life, because he really likes what we do and wants to make it easier for us to find jobs for people with disabilities.  Thanks Michael!  We have been testing it out over the last few months to see how it works for us.

Putting it plainly, OnePageCRM rocks!  We have saved so much time, and cut out so much of the work that adds no value.  We are able to concentrate on getting things done, and follow a list of actions without distractions.  We don't know how we ever managed without it.

And to answer the important question does it work?  Absolutely, 38 people placed between Jan and May of this year, need we say more!  If you are a non profit check out OnePageCRM Power of Action Program which is a FREE OnePageCRM account for qualifying Non Profits